We really love that dopamine rush when people pay attention to us

Due to COVID-19, the one thing that is changed is now we can see how much social media has changed us. We are forced to no longer have any interactions face to face. This is difficult because it is showing us exactly what our society could be like if we continued down the path of avoiding communication and instead of staying focused on how many likes our newest Instagram post will receive. This quarantine has become one of the hardest things for us to bear we have been forced to be alone and not for a little bit but for…

We are more obsessed with the idea of showing off online than really caring about what is in front of our eyes.

Society has become so evolved within their technology and devices that people don't even have to talk to anyone for a cup of coffee. This ability can hinder our communication skills with each other and is leading us down a very dark path. We will state to evolve and lose our sensory stimulants that come from face-to-face interactions. Seeing this in our real lives is quite easy and sad. With the younger generations becoming more advanced in their ability to understand the technology and older generations becoming eft behind it creates such a gap that it can harm the elderly by them not being able to connect with their families anymore.

Social media has allowed for some of the fastest communication ever in the history of the world. This is an astonishing feat that allows millions to be able to not only view the lavish lives of the rest of the world but can also see instantly what happens in the world. The problem growing is that in a recent study “Studies show that 11 percent of adults prefer to say home on weekends and make posts on Facebook instead of going out and acquiring real-life experiences.”

Taking a look into your daily screen time can often be something that terrifies many throughout the day. Realizing just how much time we spend on social media a day instead of in the world around is disturbing to say the least. “A study by Mary Meeker that says we touch our phones or check our phones a hundred and fifty times a day.” This is the average number so unfortunately some people may score much higher than others. Looking at your phone can often limit your ability to observe your surroundings and take in a moment you might miss by scrolling down Instagram.

Ted Talks On Communication Failure


This ted talk takes into effect the ideas that our face to face communication is no longer an importance in our lives. Yet without having those key real life communications we can often lose the necessary and fundamental ability to read body language and effectively talk to one another. This can also cause us to become isolated from one another when we decide to stay locked into our phones instead of locked into each other. Failing to learn these and constantly grow on our face to face communication skills limits us from reaching our potentials to become the future leaders and inspirations to many. Being able to talk to others allows us to share our experiences for others to learn from.

The next generation of children are growing up in a world in which technology has always existed. They watch everyone around them use it everyday which is causing a sense of normalcy in their minds. Growing up surrounded by technology many children are learning how to use it with ease which causes many problems. Children are losing the ability to have an in person conversation with others. It is slowly deteriorating their social skills, memory, and emotions. This generation of children are being called the ‘now generation’ wanting everything instantly and growing to lose their senses of empathy and gratefulness…

The Ugly of Social Media and Communication.

Social media continues to grow and allows millions to communicate instantaneously throughout the world. It has started to show many negative side effects in the next generations though. Often when online people revert to text slang, “idk, thx, k, bc, lol, etc.…”, which may not seem to be harmful but it is causing many to start transferring their text slang into their everyday lives. This is causing issues with grammar and can give off mixed messages when in person. talking in text slang to others in person can make it appear as though…

Gabriella Ruiz

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